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Getting your clients (and potential clients) attention with the right type of media is the most important first step in any marketing – here’s what our customers have to say: “I used Flyers in a wedding expo. I have since attended a second expo and people instantly remembered me, they knew because they had the flyer. So having the flyer is working really well for my business, I’m still receiving enquiries 3 months on, so I know the flyers are being retained for future reference!” – Jodi Tomlin, APS Advance Limited.

As well as gaining the right attention and staying in peoples minds, Flyers also give you an ability to share lots of important additional information.

If you want to grab your customers attention, and your marketing message to be kept around for longer by your clients, contact DMP Harris today.

So what other benefits are there for you if you use a flyer to spread your marketing message?

YOUR Business Benefits

    • Eye catching attention grabbing – to get your customers attention first time, every time
    • Easily distributed – allowing you to get to more of your customers more frequently, for very little effort
    • More cost effective – do you realize how cost effective Flyers can be?
    • Larger audience – as well as sending to existing clients, you can also use this easily distributed, cost effective vehicle to get to a whole list of potentially new customers, if you were focusing on geographical areas, or if you have staff on the road who can be mobile with this marketing tool.
    • Multiple distribution channels – you can have flyers with your staff, with your customers, with your suppliers, and many more channels: Leaving your message in as many places as possible!!
    • Easy to post – You can include Flyers in your regular mail outs, saving even more time and money!
    • Staying ahead of your competition – The more you can get in front of larger numbers of people, the higher the likelihood your message will land the right type of customers for you – building your sales, and keeping you ahead of the rest!

    What our customers say about us:

Don’t know where to start with Flyers? Don’t worry: “It was amazing, I supplied some ideas in no particular order and I got back the most amazing layout. I ran with it and they were fab, the quality was great and the price was also excellent (in fact another company tried to quote for my business and they couldn’t touch DMP-Harris on price!). – Jodi Tomlinson, APS Advanced Limtied.

Expect a quality result? “DMP-Harris are one of the most dependable printers around, orders are always delivered on time and of the highest of quality printing” Steve Smith, Chillisoft Limited,

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