As a company who specialises in helping our clients sell more of their products or services, we’ve been watching and learning.

Build YOUR Credibility!

What we’ve learnt (and we’re sharing because we want YOU to benefit!) is that the brochure, because its printed and because it is not an email, builds CREDIBILITY with your customers towards your brand.

Don’t believe us? A study of eight independent international scientific studies combined by The AdTrack Corporation (New England, USA, 2009) on the use of digital versus print concludes: “Certain values like ease of reading, higher reader involvement, credibility as well as ease of storage make paper [versus digital] a preferred medium”.

64% of Customers stated Printed Brochures are their preferred media of choice.

Those perceptions build the credibility in an instant, taking you one step above your competitors. Our customers who use Brochures to market their products or services have shared this same feedback of their experiences with us!

IMPROVE your customers understanding of your range of products or services!

The next lesson that we’re sharing from our own experience is that whilst a website is good to contain lots of ‘things’, websites lose visitors interest much more quickly than a brochure would.

Another study states: “Readers of print-based text comprehend more information regardless of text design than readers of online text”.

Why do you think that more people comprehend printed materials more?

“We are all conditioned!”

Yes, that’s right - We have ALL been conditioned with a printed and bound book from our early days of learning to start at the front and read from start to finish - whether slowly or flicking through. 64% of respondents in a study have stated that paper alone is the most effective media for a Brochure, compared to an online format, which only got 2% of the vote!

Why is that? It’s because when you can capture the readers’ attention from the start, this reading can become an experience in itself “if” your Brochure contains something that is really interesting to the reader.

INCREASE the numbers of sales!

The next question is “how do you get your message to a wider audience to increase the number of customers and sales at the same time?!”

Did you know that different age groups prefer to digest information in different ways?

Did you know that whilst more and more people are going online, there are still a large proportion of certain age ranges who prefer reading the printed word? According to a Lexmark study, 48% of people over the age of 55 print electronic material to read it!!

You can also get multiple customers from just one printed brochure – How? It’s called: “High pass-on readership” - When potential clients or customers carry them around, every person who sees your brochure is another person who can be reached by your company's message. This is the pass-on readership value of your marketing tool. Studies have shown that one brochure can get to as many as 10-15 people. This is the ‘multiplier effect’ of brochures.

This multiplies the effectiveness and payback of your marketing investment!

So now you have more credibility and sales – how can you make this last for longer? Here’s how:

Increase the LENGTH of time a customer buys from YOU!

How can your brochure help you INCREASE the length of time someone buys from you? Of course, a brochure could never be a single reason: Your customer service and quality of your own product will play a large part in keeping a customer. BUT if your customers have your full product range in easy reach, what is the likelihood they will have already seen something in your brochure and stored it in their mind for future use?

And in 2-3 months your brochure will still be with them, whether in the office or at home, as it holds more value and is much less likely to be thrown away (compared with an email).

Contact us today if this sounds of interest Ph: 0800 321 666.

P.P.S. We’ve had some fantastic feedback from our clients recently that we’ve celebrated internally and wanted to share the good feeling it gave us:

"I'm really busy working on building my business and didn't have time or know where to start with Brochures, but DMP Harris have helped me hugely to produce a fantastic looking Brochure which I know will help my business grow!" Nevan

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